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We know Lofoten

After collecting decades worth of experience, producing high-end content in the Arctic, we figured that we would gather the film forces of Lofoten. The result is Lofoten Film Collective. 

Would you like to make use of the skills featured in our collective?
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Director / Cinematographer

Inge Wegge

Cinematographer / Producer /  Director

Phone: 901 30 720




Inge is an award-winning Director, Producer and Cinematographer, based in Kabelvåg, Lofoten. He studied film at Nordland College of Film & Art and has a passion for extreme sports, nature and the environment.

Yngvar Christensen
Kaia Kjos-Kendall


Phone: 472 98 511




Born and raised in the Lofoten Islands, Yngvar is the Collective’s local spearhead, with broad experience from production and location management. More than any, he has a solid network across the islands and knows every corner and local guideline.

Director / Casting

Phone: 930 59 782



Kaia is a Writer, Director and Editor, born in Los Angeles, and growing up in Norway. She studied film at the European Film College and Nordland College of Art & Film and is currently working on her first feature documentary. Kaia is also the only casting-agent operating in the Lofoten Islands.

Philip Andre Halvorsen

Drone Pilot & Technician / Cinematographer


Phone: 902 55 563




Philip has over 10 years of experience with drone cinematography. He studied PR, communication and Media in Volda and has worked with many film projects and campaigns. He also creates cinematic experiences with FPV drones that give unique perspectives.

Emil Engesnes Braathen

Editor / Post Production

Emil our director, editor and colorist. 

Mats Slaastad Birkelund

Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Mats is a multi-talented Director, Cinematographer and Editor. As a journalist he knows how to bring a good story to life. This skill, combined with a well trained eye, assures you get interesting stories with great visuals.

Fredrik Harper.jpg

Fredrik Harper

Fredrik is a director with distinctive expertise in storytelling. His visual intuitiveness and wholehearted sensibility is recognizable in his work. Fredrik has broad experience from documentary, fiction, commercials and holds a BFA in Film & Television from Westerdals.

Cecilie Stubberud Aas.jpeg

Mikkel Kostveit Dagestad


Cecilie Stubberud Aas

Creative producer / writer

Cecilie is our junior producer, living in Lofoten, Kabelvåg. She has her Bachelor from Westerdal Film og TV, specalising in film production.

Mikkel is the collectives accountant, specializing in accounting for film productions. Please bother him about tedious technicalities.


christina lande.png


Christina Lande  is a Script Writer and Director. She studied film at Westerdals in Oslo and NTNU in Trondheim, as well as literature,  film and theater at the University in Agder.


Producer / Coordinator / Researcher / First AD

Simone has one leg in Copenhagen and one in Lofoten. She offers a combination of years of experience in film production, adventure and nature, with a Bachelor in Media Production and Management, a Master in Culture and Communication and a degree in Nature Guiding.

Rhian photo_edited.jpg

Rhian Collings

Creative producer / writer

Over a nomadic decade, Rhian traveled from island to island around the world, drawn to these self-contained spaces and their stories. Now it's from the rugged Arctic archipelago of Lofoten that she draws inspiration in her work as a creative producer, writer and documentary screenwriter. She is also part of the 'Talent X' development initiative for creative producers in Tromsø.

Kristin Folsland Olsen_edited.jpg

Photographer / Drone Pilot / Journalist

Kristin is an outdoor photographer and journalist based in Kabelvåg, Lofoten. She has a passion for nature and loves capturing magical moments with her camera. After 21 years in Lofoten, Kristin knows where to find the most spectacular backdrops! She is the author of the best-selling guidebook “Explore Lofoten”. Kristin is a certified drone operator.

Gisle Melhus.jpeg

Writer / Producer

Gisle studied as a Film Producer at the Norwegian Film School. He works as a professional Script Writer for Disney, and other film projects.


Photographer / Drone Pilot

Always with a smile on his face and the most helpful hand on a film set. 'Kuba' is a dedicated Photographer, Drone Pilot and Camera Operator.

Trygve Luktvasslimo.jpg


Trygve has a background in visual arts, and is based in Lofoten after 15 years abroad. As a Director he is especially fond of the art of instructing actors and performers. In his own films he is on both sides of the camera. 

Laurens Pérol.jpeg

Director / Producer / Editor

Laurens is originally from Stuttgart, but now live in Tromsø. He reasently finished his film studies at Nordland College of Art & Film, and he views working with film as orchestration of photography, literature, painting, soundscape, music, architecture and more.



Aaslaug is the founder and CEO of Villa Lofoten. She works as a Producer and Director, and she curates the program Villa Lofoten AIR (Artists in Residence).



Martin is a cinematographer with a second home in Lofoten; an oil tank, rebuild into a house. He won the award for Best Cinematography at the European Film Awards 2018, and have shot several feature films, tv-series and documentaries.


Rune Håvard Trondsen

Rune is one of the most experienced producers in the north. With several feature films and tv-series on his record, he knows all about the larger productions.


Director /  Producer / Drone Pilot 

Peter has been directing and producing films in Northern Norway for more than 3 years. He is a qualified commercial drone pilot from the UK. Moved to Norway in 2019 to use his skills in a more dramatic landscape, and uses an Ikelite underwater camera housing to get closer to all things ocean.


Snorre Aun Sætereng

Editor / Cinematographer

Snorre is an Editor and Cinematographer, and has recently completed a Bachelor's Degree in Moving Images at Nordland College of Art & Film. He is also a diver and underwater photographer, and is loves depicting the sea and water in his films.


Cinematographer / Focus Puller / Editor

Edvart Falch Alsos is a Cinematographer and Editor from Lofoten. He studied at Westerdals Høyskole and currently works at Nordland College of Art & Film. He is experienced as a Cinematographer from working in the film industry in Oslo.

Michael Mark Lanham

Michael is a Director of Photography specialised in Narrative and Commercial Cinematography. He has worked on a wide range of different projects from feature films and TVseries to music videos and commercials. He holds a BFA in Cinematography from The National Filmschool of Norway.

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Lofoten Film Collective AS

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