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Anker 1
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When a social and playful beluga whale is discovered along the Norwegian coast in 2019, he quickly becomes a celebrity in Norway and the rest of the world. "SpyWhale" is a film that explores Hvaldimir's mysterious origins in Russia, his ability to touch the hearts of the people he encounters, and the journey towards true freedom.

A woman films herself as she walks the length of Norway from south to north. The story unfolds as two distinct journeys: one a physical trek across Norway, spanning 3000 km, alone on foot, and the other an inner journey reflecting her struggle with mental illness.


"The Think Tank" follows Martin Otterbeck as he carries forward the thoughts of the beloved humanist Per Fugelli and his wife Charlotte, through the work of transforming an old water tower into a space for contemplation and reflection.

‘To Tanker’ is a philosophical construction film, exploring what the building itself can become, and what it could mean for Røst, a weather-beaten island community at the edge of the Lofoten archipelago.


When 9-year-old Fredrik falls asleep in the car, Dad decides to visit a young woman and her daughter. He introduces himself as an appraiser and is invited in. Fredrik wakes up in the empty car and decides to investigate. The appraiser tells a disturbing tale of how two children gain insight into the adult world, and how lies and deceit are part of life.

Anker 2
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Torggata 16, 8310 Kabelvåg

Lofoten, Norway ‭924549017‬ MVA

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