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Bear Island

Documentary 82 minutes

Three brothers set out on a very special trip together. Motivated by the classic surfer’s relentless quest for the perfect wave, they travel to the remote Norwegian island of Bjørnøya.

Producer, director, DOP

Though a surfing expedition to the arctic sounded like an idiotic concept even by crazy-Scandinavian standards, this documentary turned out to be high quality. The three brothers are more skilled at extreme sports than you'd expect, and their confident cold weather performance is impressive. The filmography is also great for a self-shot action movie under such conditions (if only the "found footage" genre films could be this smooth). The parts focused on personality development aren't too heavy-handed, and the film also succeeds in portraying some pretty tense moments. The downside of this professionalism is that some viewers might be skeptical that they actually pulled this off.

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