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We’ve agreed to unique deals with local hotels, car rental companies, and catering, to give you unbeatable prices and quality. This means less time and money spent by you organizing and squeezing deals, and more on capturing content 

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Lofoten Film Collective is a RO3 drone certified business, with several licensed drone pilots with years of experience. We know the challenges and risks of operating a drone in the Arctic and have a great relation to local authorities. With many protected and off-limit areas, we can guide you to the best locations, and capture the content you want.

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We will assist you with nearly any role in your film production in Lofoten, whether you want us to fully produce in-house, or deploy any of our cinematographers, writers, or producers to be a part of your team. The film collective consists of professionals that each have their own specialty, whether that being technical, organizational or physical.

Location scouting in Lofoten.jpg


Alongside carrying cameras ourselves, we also do co-productions and location management, giving you an insight into the best locations and spots for your production. Having already produced in most locations in Lofoten, we also have a clear picture of possible restrictions and hurdles that need the be paid attention to, like drone laws, private grounds, and locals.

Lofoten Stock footage.jpg


The weather can be tricky in these corners of the world, which is why we regularly update our stock library. Our drives contain stock video and photos from all over Lofoten, from different seasons, filmed in future proof quality. 

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