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Martin Otterbeck


Martin Otterbeck (born 1965) is a Norwegian freelance cinematographer based in Oslo and Lofoten, Norway. He has more than 25 years of experience and graduated from Oslo film – og tv-akademi in 1996.

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Otterbeck have participated in numerous film- and tv-productions, both Norwegian and Scandinavian, and was awarded «European Cinematographer Prix Carlo Di Palma» at the European Film Awards in 2018 for his work on «Utøya 22. juli» (U – July 22).


He has also won several other awards (including Kanonprisen and Film critic team professional Aaward ) for his work on this film. In 2016 he worked on «Kongens nei» (The King’s Choice) – which was a huge success both at the box office- and with critics - and set a record for awards and nominations in Norway.


Otterbeck has broad experience in various tv-genres, spanning from traditional documentaries to travel, lifestyle and entertainment programs. In addition to this he has worked with several reality-concepts, most notably the wildlife adventure «71 grader nord» («71 Degrees North»/«No Boundaries»).


Over the years Otterbeck has specialized in a «hand held documentary imagery». He is a member of The European Film Academy and Foreningen Norske Filmfotografer. The statement from the jury European Film Awards: EUROPEAN CINEMATOGRAPHER 2018 – PRIX CARLO DI PALMA: Martin Otterbeck for U – JULY 22 (UTØYA 22. JULI) Martin Otterbeckʼs cinematography masterfully balances an aesthetic concern with the political meaning of the tragedy of Utøya. With very concentrated one-shot hand-held camera work, the cinematographer had to decide what to follow and what not to follow, thus creating an intense viewing experience as you find yourself on the island with the youngsters. Right-wing extremism is dangerously rising again: Cinema, in each of its parts, has the overwhelming responsibility to bring light into our dark times.


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