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VR - Virtual Reality 360 Film
VR 360 film 8K Lofoten Film Collective
Insta 360 Pro 2 VR 360 film 8K Lofoten Film Collective

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Experience crystal clear visuals of Lofoten in full 360 degrees. Be immersed in beautiful places around Lofoten. 

Our clients of 360 content:

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With newly developed software, we make easy for anyone to use

Anker 1

We have delivered six goggles in partnership with lofotodden visit center for a dedicated VR Room.


Visitors can travel all around a virtual journey through Lofotodden.


With over twenty 360-films in a simple "look to Play" menu, everyone at every age can simply navigate to where they want to go. 

This is a great way to experience what the National park has to offer. 


Lofotodden besøkssenter
This is Lofoten Website

Dream Now - Visit Later


Lofoten is one of Norway and the world's most exciting destinations, and is on many people's bucket list of places to visit at least once in their life. 

With This Is Lofoten, we let the audience experience a journey to all the most spectacular places in Lofoten. People from all over the world can experience Lofoten straight from their living room. The films can either be viewed through VR glasses, a smartphone or on a PC. is integrated with YouTube's player, and connected to Oculus VR glasses. The platform is map-based, and you can explore Lofoten through places you want to visit on the map.

Saltstrømmen Movie Magic Ice

New 180 degrees Film from Saltstraumen



We have filmed and produced a new cinema film for Magic Saltstrumen. A new 180-degree display screen is being developed to showcase the worlds strongest maelstrom throughout all four seasons. 

In full 8k with groundbreaking 360 filming techniques both in the air and under water. 

Saltstrømmen Movie Magic Ice
Mantis ICON

We are one of the only production companies in Europe that can provide the Mantis underwater case for the Insta 360 Pro 2 camera, making it possible for recording high quality underwater VR 360 footage in 8k.

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