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Regina Crosby


Regina Crosby a Writer, Director and Producer who has a wide range of experience in television and film. Her debut feature film, "Teenage Dirtbag," which she wrote, directed and produced, is a youth-driven drama which garnered critical success and a cult following after winning multiple festival awards including Best Director and Best Picture. The film received a worldwide distribution through Universal/Vivendi, streaming on Netflix and Starz. Regina has written television pilots; directing for scripted and non-scripted shows; produced single camera comedy; written for children's television and film; written sketch comedy; and written and directed both short and feature length screenplays. Her current projects include "SpyWhale," an upcoming documentary feature shot in Norway about the famous friendly beluga whale who escaped his Russian military captors. Her films have been reviewed as "powerfully emotional and intelligent" works. Regina is based in Los Angeles and Oslo.

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Writer, director, executive producer

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