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Lofoten Film Collective with latest and highest drone certification

We fly with Specific category that gives us great benefits

We now have a total of 5 pilots flying Specific with SORA (Specific Operation Risk Assessment) This is for assessing the risk of drone operations in a comprehensive and standardized way. This gives us a complete overview of possible safety risks and finds good measures to prevent accidents and injuries.

This way we can fly operations and places where others are not allowed to fly with open category. We can fly with 2km range with spotter and First person view (FPV). With the Specific category, we can safely fly in densely populated areas close to houses and people.

Inge Wegge, Philip Halvorsen, Babang Deshommes, Jacub Gurdak, Eirik Heim, Spesifikk Kategori, Drone
Specific category drone courses with Norwegian drones AS (Pilots in the picture from the left: Babang Deshommes, Jørn Howlid, Eirik Heim, Jacub Gurdak, Inge Wegge. Philip Halvorsen behind the camera)

There will soon be an updated page about the many and unique drone services we offer.


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