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Time Capsule

Updated: May 2, 2020

The North Norwegian film center and Filmfond Nord have created a project called Tidskapsel (Time Capsule) where they invite film makers from the north to make short films about the Corona time. It can be anything from documentary to fiction. The contributions are rolling in, and there are so many good films out there already! Check out for all the films, and especially these below, made by people from Lofoten Film Collective.

Karantene - Få ting gjort av Mats Birkelund

CoronaFingers av Yngvar Christensen og Kaia Kjos-Kendall

Så lenge det varer av Edvart Alsos

Til vi klemmes igjen av Christina Lande

Hjemmekontor av Inge Wegge

New films are added continuously, so stay tuned! The next one we are making looks so good already ;)

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