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Guide to film productions in Lofoten

The Lofoten Islands are located north of the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. The archipelago has distinctive scenery with dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea, sheltered bays, beaches and pristine landscapes. Four of the six main islands are connected with bridges and tunnels. The islands are also connected to the mainland by the Class A European route E10. Lofoten has 25.000 inhabitants from all demographics. During high season, or big events like the cod fishing world championship, this number can double.

Industry - Fishing & tourists
The unique landscape of Lofoten attracts different kinds of people; Hikers, skiers, climbers, surfers and wind-surfers, photographers and fishers. The most crowded tourist season is between June and early August. From February to April, the ocean is full of cod, making for the biggest cod fishing season in the world.

Seasons and Weather
Lofoten has midnight sun from the 28th of may until the 14th of July, and polar night from the 7th of december to the 5th of January. We usually have snow from January and it melts in April. Lofoten weather is generally mild compared to other destinations at a similar latitude. Winter is around 0°C, but can go as low as -10°C and summers are around 16°C and up to 25°C. The weather can change quickly and the strong wind and rain can come all year. As we say in Lofoten "Don't be surprised if you get spring, summer, autumn and winter on the same day». A great rule of thumb when shooting in Lofoten is adding a buffer-day.

If the crew is over 50, hotels need to be booked months in advance. Depending on the season, the capital of Svolvær has solid hotel capacity. Further west the lodgings will be hotel-standard cabins.


There are Airports in the central towns of Svolvær and Leknes. Additionally, there’s an airport on the island of Røst further west. The closest large airport is located in Evenes, about 2,5 hours drive from Svolvær. An aircraft with capacity of 37 passengers can also be chartered from Svolvær/Leknes. Helicopters can be booked half an hour away. Cars can be rented in Svolvær, Leknes and Evenes. Parts of the south-west side of Lofoten is regulated as national park.


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