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Lofoten is filled with nature reserves, restricted airspaces and strangely placed populated areas. We have the local expertise and knowledge needed to easily navigate these rules and guidelines. Our pilots knows Lofoten better than the back of their hand.          

Lofoten Film Collective is one of the only film production companies in Northern Norway with the Specific category drone certification. We can fly close to people and buildings within the newest drone guidelines for 2022. This means that we can fly places where no other pilots in "Open Category" A1, A2 and A3 can fly legally. They have to keep 150 meters of distance from people and buildings with bigger drones.  

We work seamlessly and effectively with checklists, risk analysis and ballistic calculations for every flight. Our partnership with Norwegian Drones gives us the highest level of expertise when it comes to all drone operations. 

Important: All drone pilots from other countries coming to Norway has to get their operational manual approved by the Norwegian civil aviation authority. This can take several months. 

Dji Matrice 600 Pro heavylifting cinema drone. Lofoten FIlm Collective spesifikk category

Heavy lift Drones

We offer you the one of the highest level of heavylifting available with the Dji Matrice 600 Pro. This gives few limitations when it comes to options of Cine-lenses and Cine-cameras. Everything that can fit the Dji Ronin Rs2 and Ronin MX can be lifted. 


In combination with A7s3 and Laowa 0.95 lens, we can film in the middle of the night and capture incredible Nothern lights.  

(Heavy drones like the Matrice 600 and Inspire 2 requires spesifikk category to be able to fly closer than 150 meters from roads, buildings and people)

Our industry-leading, cutting-edge, top-of-the-line beast. The DJI Inspire 2 allows us to capture aerial footage at 5.2K RAW quality — the kind of blisteringly sharp cinema-ready crispness your production deserves.

Dji Inspire 2 Lofoten Film Collective

Film & Commercials

Aerial drone photography is increasingly used in all types of television, commercials and film. Our expert drone pilots are qualified within the high-end TV and film industry in Europe and beyond. To conduct the perfect shot for these productions requires a carefully sharpened set of skills, and we’ve got them. 

Dji Matrice 600 Pro with Insta 360
VR film with drone, Lofoten Film Collective

Custom 360 drones 

We have over 3 years of experience flying different types of 360 cameras. All types of rigs can be lifted within the weight of 7kg on Matrice 600 Pro. Flying smaller cameras are done with Mavic 2 Pro and costom FPV setups. A separate camera mounted on top or still image of sky makes the drone invisible with stitching.

FPV Lofoten Film Collective
FPV Cinelifter drone Lofoten Film Collective

FPV Cinema &  Flythrough

FPV unleashes creative freedom with few limitations. We have everything from small Cinewoops that can fly indoors and thru tight gaps, to big Cinelifters that can lift Red Komodo. 


Philip Halvorsen has 8 years of experience and is one of the most known FPV pilots in scandinavia. Check out his instagram: Philip_Halv 

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